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Medhi Walerski - AUREUM

Nederlands Dans Theater 2


Medhi Walerski



Frédéric Chopin:

Largo Sonata no. 3 in B minor


assistant to the choreographer

Peter Chu



Pierre Pontvianne


lighting and set design

Theun Mosk


sound design

Niels Mudde


costume design

Medhi Walerski, Joke Visser



20 minutes


on stage

 15 dancers

world premiere

29 October 2015,


The Hague (NL)


full version video

click here

(password protected)

“The caressing grace and appeal of Chopin's Largo from Sonata no.3, the poetry of the unattainable and the never-ending search for the golden linings of loss. That is the constant journey and sense of wonder towards the unexplored passages of life. What holds us from letting go of what is precious, yet fragile and sentient? How to bridge the gaps between intimate emotions and the obsessive pace of the collective and share what is magic in our mutual, inevitable emptiness? Like pearly foam lacings along the shoreline, like the shimmering mirage in distant horizons, illusions and reality come and go like a timeless pendulum, leaving only a melancholic breath of beauty behind. Sometimes the search for answers seems futile. For there is a bursting life force in every newborn mystery, which needs no naming to become alive. To find freedom in the alchemy of chaos, echoing our thirst for purity as we dive into infinity.” Medhi Walerski


For his new work Medhi Walerski (France) has chosen Chopin’s music to provide the dramatic sound to his raw and pure creation. A masculine quartet emerges from the entire company while the group moves as a pack of animals, or a f lock of birds. Walerski was a dancer with NDT 1 until last season. In 2013 he was awarded the most important Dutch dance prize VSCD Zwaan for his role in School of Thought (León & Lightfoot). In season 14/15 his critically acclaimed Chamber (2012) was part of the NDT 1 programme Strike Root.

tour dates


2015 // 20 December - Alkmaar (NL) / 18 December - Groningen / 16 December - Nijmegen (NL) / 13 and 14 December - Amsterdam (NL) / 11 December - Gouda (NL) / 10 December - Arnhem (NL) / 3 December - Leeuwarden (NL) / 1 December - Heerlen (NL) / 27 November - Enschede (NL) / 25 November - Tiel (NL) / 24 November - Eindhoven (NL) / 13 November - Amstelveen (NL) / 11 November - Den Bosch (NL) / 6, 7, 8 November - Den Haag (NL) / 29, 30, 31 October - Den Haag (NL)

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