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Première 'Fäden' reportée

Suite aux mesures sanitaires en Allemagne et France, la première de la nouvelle création d'Ivana Müller, Fäden, initialement prévue le 16 avril dernier à Munich, a été reportée jusqu'en novembre 2021.

In this suspended, fragile and continually postponed now, in this moment in which we remember the ‘before” and have no clear idea what might happen ‘after”, Fäden (Threads) emerges as a choreographic, poetic and visual meditation on different ideas and sensations of time and the way those formulate our lives.

While ravelling and unravelling past, present and future, in an ever-changing landscape and through a long and lively conversation, performers knit a sentient reflection in which remembering, forgetting, losing, waiting, ageing and transforming become main protagonists in the inevitable passage of time.

English with German subtitles

As part of SCORES OF CHANGE. A Doppelpass p

roject by Dance On/Diehl+Ritter, Munich Kammerspiele and STUK House for Dance, Image and Sound. Funded by the Doppelpass Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Concept, text & choreography Ivana Müller

In collaboration with performers Javier Arozena, André Benndorff, Walter Hess, Jelena Kuljić, Anna Gesa-Raija Lappe, Emma Lewis, Jone San Martin, Omagbitse Omagbemi

Set and costume design in collaboration with Alix Boillot Lighting design Martin Kaffarnik Artistic collaboration & dramaturgy Jonas Rutgeerts Dramaturgy Olivia Ebert Artistic director Dance On Ensemble Ty Boomershine

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