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Dutch artists in Montreuil

12 November 2021 > 19 December 2021

In November and December, Dutch arts for young audiences are spotlighted at the French children's book fair in Montreuil, France. Under the heading "Ton monde, plein de merveilles" (Your world, full of wonders), a presentation of Dutch dance, film and literature for young audiences will take place in Montreuil, a suburb of Paris where France’s most important children's book fair is held every year. The programme is a multidisciplinary collaboration between the Performing Arts Fund NL, the Dutch Foundation for Literature, the Embassy of the Netherlands in Paris, SEE NL and KUMQUAT | performing arts. The Dutch portion of the programme in Montreuil kicks off with performances by dance company De Dansers, presented in collaboration with KUMQUAT. They will present two shows: Shake Shake Shake and Petite cuillère (Lepeltje lepeltje) for children aged 4-14 and their families. The focus also presents Judith Nab's very popular Le Grand Voyage. The festival also organises workshops and presentations in which Dutch authors and illustrators will elaborate on their work. Furthermore, a selection of Dutch children's films including the award-winning feature film My Extraordinary Summer with Tess (Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess), based on Anna Woltz’ book. The screenings will be accompanied by a programme of short films and workshops for the very youngest.

photo © Bart Grietens

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