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Sol León & Paul Lightfoot - SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Nederlands Dans Theater 2


Sol León & Paul Lightfoot



Franz Schubert: from Death and the Maiden  String Quartet nr. 14 in d-minor, D 810 (1824)  Movement 2  ‘Andante con moto’;  arranged for string orchestra by Gustav Mahler (1894)


staged by

Hedda Twiehaus


lighting design

Tom Bevoort


set and costume design

Sol León & Paul Lightfoot



18 minutes


on stage

2 dancers

world premiere

6 March 2003,

Lucent Danstheater,

The Hague (NL)


full version video

click here

(password protected)

Subject to Change (2003) is an expressive piece, offering resident choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot the opportunity to highlight their qualities. Six dancers shine in an extremely beautiful ballet filled with emotions, varying from an oppressive duet between a man and a fragile girl to a swirling group dance. The compelling music by Schubert and the gorgeous red carpet unrolling across the stage complement the dance. Subject to Change won the Zwaan Award for Best Dance Production in 2003.


“Marvelous, terrifyingly beautiful” Trouw


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