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Nederlands Dans Theater / NDT 1



Simon McBurney
in collaboration with
Crystal Pite

staged by

Rachael Osborne, Ian Robinson

NDT assistants

Tamako Akiyama,
Lucas Crandall


Team Doyobi -"Rephase"

Gevende - "Akvaryum"
Angelo Badalamenti - "Diner" 

Autreche - "Rsdio"

Autreche - "IV VV IV VV VIII"

François Couperin - "Sonate La Sultane: Gravement"

The Hers - "We are over the kop"

Affletic - "Jus Wan"

Seefeel - "Starethrough"

Ennio Morricone - "By the Sea" Maxim Waratt - "Shoshana and The Pigs"

soundtrack editing

Maxim Waratt

Ohad Naharin & Maxi Waratt's assistant

Guy Shomroni

lighting design

Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)

space and stage design

Zohar Shoef


Ariel Cohen

performed by

X dancers


60 minutes

world premiere

by Batsheva Dance Company,

3 April 2013, Varda Hall, Suzanne Dellal Centre, Tel-Aviv


world premiere NDT

8 February 2018,

Lucent Danstheater,

The Hague (NL)


full video THE HOLE_women

click here (password required)

full video THE HOLE_men

click here (password required)



But then you come to the humans

Simon McBurney in collaboration with Crystal Pite


Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) and Complicité present a new work by award winning theatre director Simon McBurney, in collaboration with NDT-associate choreographer Crystal Pite. This is the second work in a triptych of collaborations between these world-renowned artists that are presented between 2022 and 2025, and the first time McBurney will be creating a work for a dance company exclusively. Steering away from linear stories, McBurney overlaps narratives, past and present, fact and fiction, allowing them to communicate with each other. "I’m naturally attracted to something I don’t understand, because when you try to deal with that, it opens a door into another world", says McBurney. 

Across continents, these two extraordinary creators have exchanged ideas reflecting on their fears and cautious hopes for the age we are living in, and how artists can meaningfully create in the face of mass destruction. The work is an examination of what we are losing and our need for re/connection. The subtitle reveals the topic: But then you come to the humans.

NDT associate choreographer Crystal Pite (Canada) is a highly demanded voice in dance. Pite’s riveting works depict the complexity and humanity of our generation with a distinctive tone that is rich with imagination and intelligence. In 2002, the choreographer and dancer founded Kidd Pivot whose name — part outlaw, part balletic technique — embodies her own balance of “recklessness and rigor”. As a choreographer, Pite is an image-maker that creates work of rare distinction and strikes a hybrid between dance and theatre. Through the virtuose poetry of her choreography, she is always able to seek a humanity and craft space and musicality in bold, rich scores. NDT is very excited to present another world premiere by Pite whose work speaks across borders and audiences around the world.

Nederlands Dans Theater and Complicité present this new work by Crystal Pite, in collaboration with Complicité Artistic Director Simon McBurney. This is the first piece in a triptych of collaborations between these two world-renowned artists that will be presented between 2022 and 2025. Complicité is an international touring theatre company based in London. Complicité works across art forms, believing theatre, dance, opera, film, installation, publication and participatory arts can all be sites for the collective act of imagination. Founded in 1983, the Company has won over 50 major theatre awards worldwide. This is NDT’s first co-production with the Company.



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