KUMQUAT | performing arts is member of the Dance On, Pass On, Dream On (DOPODO) consortium, consisting of 11 renowned European dance institutions who have come together to address the problem of ageism in the dance sector and in society. They are working towards a Europe where older dancers are valued for their experience and charisma, where our common European dance heritage is cherished and serves to inspire younger artists, and where older people are respected and engage in meaningful, creative activities.


This project is the 2nd phase of the previous DOPODO project (2015-2016), which was initiated by a core group of 9 European organizations as a long-term action plan to counter age discrimination. Ageism is still widespread in our society. A 2017 report from the UN Working Group on Ageing goes as far as saying that “the enjoyment of all human rights diminishes with age”, due to negative narratives that cast older people as ‘burdens’ on society or the economy. Professional dancers suffer from even more extreme forms of ageism. They are generally expected to retire from their performing careers around the age of 40, when youth and peak physical performance have supposedly faded.


Our overall aim is to develop and implement a multifaceted transnational project that builds on the experience and success of the 1st phase of DOPODO to continue to strengthen the European cultural and creative sector, increase employment options for dancers over 40, promote creative ageing in the wider European population and improve access to our shared European dance heritage.

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