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Crystal Pite - SOLO ECHO

Nederlands Dans Theater / NDT 1


Crystal Pite

assistant to the choreographer

Lucas Crandall


Selection of two Johannes Brahms sonates for cello and piano. Allegro Non Troppo from Opus 38 in e-minor, and Adagio Affettuoso from Opus 99 in F-major.

lighting design

Tom Visser

set design

Jay Gower Taylor


Crystal Pite / Joke Visser

performed by

7 dancers


20 minutes


9 February 2012, Lucent Danstheater, The Hague (NL)


full video

click here

(password required)


Tell yourself, in that final flowing of cold through your limbs, that you love what you are. Solo Echo (2012) by the Canadian Crystal Pite softly lures you into a wintery melancholy, inspired by the poem ‘Lines for Winter’ by Mark Strand. Against a backdrop of steadily whirling snowflakes and on sober strings of Brahms, a dynamic collective erupts around the focal point of the individual. 

“Crystal Pite’s Solo Echo is a beautiful translation as well… Pite finds the right balance between explicit and associative elements.” Het Parool, 2012

“For the real flow we should see Crystal Pite.” Den Haag Centraal, 2012 

“The solo’s are growing gradually untill all dancers create a great organic knot, a moving sculpture that, indeed, echoes the sounds of all individuals.” De Volkskrant, 2012 

“Hibernal, melancholic, pleasant to watch.” De Telegraaf, 2012 

In 2008 Crystal Pite (Canada) joined NDT as an associate choreographer. Her latest works for NDT 1 are Plot Point (2010), Solo Echo (2012), Parade (2013), In the Event (2015), The Statement (2016) and Partita for 8 Dancers (2018). In 2002 Pite founded her own company in Vancouver: Kidd Pivot. Her ballets are performed by dance companies worldwide. 

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