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Marco Goecke - WALK THE DEMON

Nederlands Dans Theater / NDT 1


Marco Goecke


Nadja Kadel

assistant to the choreographer

Ralitza Malehounova


Antony & the Johnsons (1998-2015): The Lake; Everything is New. © Published by Kobalt Music Publishing.

Pavel Haas (1899-1944): From String Quartet n° 2, Opus 7, Arrangement by Marijn van Prooijen; The Moon and I, Part 3 "From the Monkey Mountains". Music by Pavel Haas, published/licensed by © Boosey & Hawkes, London / Albersen Verhuur B.V., 's Gravenhage.

Pehr Henrik Nordgren (19''-2008): From String Quartet, opus 54, Part 2: "Dance Away Your Worries". Music by Pehr Henrik Nordgren, published/licensed by © Scott Music, Mainz / Albersen Verhuur B.V.,
's Gravenhage.

music advisor

Jan Pieter Koch


Udo Haberland

set and costumes

Marco Goecke

performed by

10 dancers


28 minutes


27 September 2018, Zuiderstrandtheater, The Hague (NL)


full video

click here

(password required)


Central to Goecke's new work is the conception of dance as art, which also makes a "voice" audible behind the movement, and the desire to reinforce that voice of the piece through further voices. Alongside the musical voices of the orchestral works by Czech composer Pavel Haas and the Finn composer Pehr Hendrik Nordgren, Goecke once again made the exceptional voice of Antony and the Johnsons part of his art and declares: "I think it is dramatic and big, but at the same time also contemplative and intimate, in her voice lies a torment that points inwards. For me, the dance says absolutely nothing if it doesn’t constantly refer to the inside." Besides the voice of the movement, Goecke also repeatedly gives his dancers their acoustic voice to make them appear less abstract and human: screeching, roaring, cursing, which seems obsessive, sometimes whispered words that repeat themselves yet for Goecke entail life entirely: "All life and love is a Thank you, hello and goodbye", expatiates Goecke, as he takes a walk with his demon. Nadja Kadel


“It is the miracle of good dance: no matter how familiar, it surprises time and time again. So there is the dance language of Marco Goecke.” NRC

“(...) his lightning-fast, nervous flutters and trembles, stiff-legged dribble steps or staccato vogueing gestures, tiny, but razor-sharp.” NRC

“The dancers of NDT, and certainly the whimsical Guido Dutilh, master Goecke’s language virtuoso and know how to make an event out of moving a shoulder just one millimeter.” NRC


In 2013 Marco Goecke (Germany) joined NDT as an associate choreographer. His latest works for the company are Hello Earth (2014), Dutch dance Zwaan Award 2015 nominee for ‘most impressive choreography' Thin Skin (2015), Woke up Blind (2016), Midnight Raga (2017), Wir sagen uns Dunkles (2017) and Walk the Demon (2018). Between 2006 and 2011 Goecke was also 

house choreographer with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and since 2005 at the Stuttgart Ballet. Goecke’s work is performed by dance companies worldwide. 

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