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Johan Inger - B.R.I.S.A.

Nederlands Dans Theater 2


Johan Inger



New composition by Amos Ben-Tal / Nina Simone: Black Swan, Wild is the wind, Sinnerman


lighting design

Tom Visser


set design

Johan Inger


costume design

Bregje van Balen



40 minutes


on stage

12 dancers

world premiere

6 March 2014,

Theater aan het Spui,

The Hague (NL)


full version video

click here

(password protected)

Swedish Johan Inger is an inventive choreographer whose style ranges from the comical and theatrical to the earthy and organic. In B.R.I.S.A., created for NDT 2 in 2014, Inger examines the issues surrounding awakening and change. What kind of world is hiding behind people and their habits? Daily challenges, be them big or small, can make us feel lost and insignificant. However, Inger lets his sense of humor shine through as he takes the relief of a breeze in life literally and lets dancers be blown away by leaf blowers and hairdryers. If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading. - Lao Tzu

“With Programme B concluding NDT 2’s season in the Netherlands, this finale highlights the strong identity and diversity of the company’s young dancers” Bachtrack***

"B.R.I.S.A. fits the youngs talent like a glove and perfectly uses their youthful craziness (...) The fourth star is for the chemistry between the dancers and their material, a click you could almost touch in the hall of Theater aan het Spui” de Volkskrant****

"Stimulating, uplifting, ecstatic - in B.R.I.S.A. the wind blows life, the storm is the driver of a new energy, of change (...) On this solid bedding by Inger, the NDT 2 dancers show in B.R.I.S.A. again their versatility, as they did earlier in the evening in PostScript (2005) by choreographers Sol León and Paul Lightfoot. Progamme B of NDT 2 is strong in originality, it's a must see.” Theaterkrant ****


 “Inger’s movement is truly exciting to watch. It’s earthy yet full of vulnerability, quirky and mercurial, and takes your breath away in the quick-witted exchange between the dancers. But, above all, his strength lies in allowing the dancers’ personalities to shine through with an incandescent brightness.” Dance Europe

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