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Johan Inger - I NEW THEN

Nederlands Dans Theater 2


Johan Inger



Van Morrison: Madame George, The way Young lovers do, I’ll Be Your Lover Too, Sweet Things, Crazy Love


lighting design

Tom Bevoort


set design

Johan Inger


costume design

Bregje van Balen



28 minutes


on stage

12 dancers

world premiere

23 February 2012,

Lucent Danstheater,

The Hague (NL)


full version video

click here

(password protected)

In I New Then (2012) Johan Inger brings four girls and five boys to great heights on songs by Van Morrison. Not a group in unison, but sprouting individuals rebelling against the group. On the spot swinging of their hips, letting themselves fall in between the others and shelter in a steel forest. Inger's work breathes humor: it’ fresh and optimistic, ranging from comic and theatrical to earthy and organic.


“Dancers face the difficult challenge to develop their own artistic identity throughout their careers. There is nothing harder for them than to just be themselves during the dance. It takes courage to leave your façade behind and question your own identity. I want to show the dancers on the road to realness, learning to leave unnecessary gestures, movements and structures behind. Eventually they will find a way to be honest and pure in their choreographies as they search for clarity, purity, color and optimism.”
Johan Inger 2012


"The choreography shows much inventiveness and the young dancers fulfill their role with real character" De Telegraaf****

"Strong premiere (...) Johan Inger pushes four girls and five boys to great heights in his new work" de Volkskrant****


"Beautiful dance language which combines flowing smoothness, detailed precision and – so typical for Swedish choreographers (Mats Ek in front) – wackiness” Den Haag Centraal

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