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Youness Aboulakoul


Born in Casablanca, Youness Aboulakoul lives and works in Paris. He makes his debut as a performer at a very young age, exploring hip-hop and Moroccan traditional dance, followed by formal training in contemporary dance at the Casablanca Conservatory. As a performer, he works with several dance companies and choreographers from Morocco and Europe, such as Olivier Dubois, Khalid Benghrib, Rosa Sanchez and Alain Baumann, Bernardo Montet, Filipe Lourenço, Radhouane El Meddeb, Ramon Baeza and Christian Rizzo.

In 2010, Youness Aboulakoul starts developing his own work as a choreographer, signing his first duo, “Logos” (2010), followed by “Les Architects” (2018), in collaboration with choreographer and visual artist Youness Atbane. His new solo project, “Today Is a Beautiful Day”, is set to premiere in Utrecht on November 14, 2019. Youness Aboulakoul is also a sound designer. Passionate about electronic music, his work is inspired by the richness of Moroccan music and the sounds of the electro world, mixing these two sources of inspiration in order to develop his own sonic universe. As a composer of electronic music he created original scores for several choreographic and cinematographic productions, among which “Les Sauvages” by Sylvère Lamotte (2017) and “Les Architectes” (2018).

As a choreographer, performer and musician, Youness Aboulakoul shows a particular interest towards the interaction between different artistic disciplines, encouraging the expansion of artistic practice at the crossroads of visual, sound and performing arts. This plural vision of the creative act seeks to expand the boundaries of contemporary dance, thus allowing the emergence of new forms of artistic expression. 



7 October 2022 - AYTA - sortie de résidence - KLAP Maison pour la danse, Marseille (FR)
19 October 2022 - Today Is a Beautiful Day - La Grande Scène, L'Arc Scène nationale, Le Creusot (FR)

5 March 2023 - Today Is a Beautiful Day - Theater im Ballsaal, Bonn (DE)

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