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concept, choreography

Youness Aboulakoul



Nefeli Asteriou

Marie-Laure Caradec

Sophie Lèbre

Cassandre Munoz

Anna Vanneau

Léonore Zurfluh

artistic assistant

Pep Garrigues


lighting design

Shani Breton

media design

Jéronimo Roé

sound design

Zouheir Atbane


Saül Dovin


production, bookings

KUMQUAT | performing arts

(Laurence Larcher,

Gerco de Vroeg)


February 2024, KLAP Maison pour la danse, Marseille, & Les Hivernales , CDCN d'Avignon


approx. 60 minutes, tbc


no problem

as from February 2024

touring party

9 - 10 pax

transport tbc

links & downloads

> performance sheet (EN)

> dossier de diffusion (FR)

> press review (FR)

> context

> full video (password)

> HR photos (password)

> technical rider (password)

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The aïta (ayta) is a unifying call, an oral transcription of the collective memory of an ancestral culture. The song expresses joys and fears, but is also a social photograph, a canvas that one follows so as not to forget anything.

AYTA is a cry of protest and a call for resistance, a choreographic manifestation for six female performers, six bodies that are one, that try to resist the fold through verticality. They become an entity that advances, falls, lifts, folds, unfolds and folds back, but ends up finding a verticality that bears the trace of all these relentless struggles. Holding the vertical line is above all a necessity - of contestation, of opposition to the fold and, finally, of identity affirmation.

A ritual exercise in elevation and the valuing of falling, the performance combines the free and rebellious spirit of Moroccan ayta music practice with the struggles of six artists who express themselves through dance, stoking the strength and freedom of the female body against any system that seeks to direct and control it.


Production Cie Ayoun

Co-production (confirmed) CCN- Ballet de Lorraine, Nancy / Pôle Sud, CDCN de Strasbourg / KLAP Maison pour la danse, Marseille / Le Gymnase, CDCN de Roubaix / Les Hivernales, CDCN d'Avignon / CCN2, Grenoble / 

Support (in progress) DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Ministry of culture (Paris, FR) / Caisse des dépôts Mécénat (FR) / AFAC (Arab Fund for Arts & Culture)


5 - 10 September 2022 - creative residency @ Pôle Sud, CDCN, Strasbourg (FR)

3 - 7 October 2022 - creative residency @ KLAP Maison pour la danse, Marseille (FR)

7 October 2022 - presentation @ KLAP Maison pour la danse, Marseille (FR)

19 - 24 June 2023 - creative residency @ CCN - Ballet de Lorraine, Nancy (FR)

4 - 15 September 2023 - creative residency @ CCN2, Grenoble (FR)

9 - 14 October 2023 - creative residency @ Le Gymnase - CDCN, Roubaix (FR)

20 - 25 November 2023 - creative residency @ ...

11 - 16 December 2023 - creative residency @ Les Hivernales, CDCN, Avignon (FR)

5 - 16 February 2023 - creative residency @ KLAP Maison pour la danse, Marseille (FR)

17 and 20 February 2024 - premieres @ KLAP, Marseille, and Les Hivernales, Avignon (FR)

march 2024 - performances with Le Gymnase, CDCN, Roubaix (FR)

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