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Kenza Berrada


Born and raised in Morocco, Kenza Berrada now lives between Morocco and France. After a Literary Preparatory Class in Paris, she pursued a Bachelor's degree in Modern Literature followed by a Master's degree in cultural mediation and communication. Her final subject is "Tangier, between glorious past and uncertain future". She is interested in the impact of colonisation on literature and is particularly interested in the writings of the Beat Generation and Jean Genet. What questions her is the relationship to the other. To the foreigner. To the body. The game of domination. Orientalism. Exoticism. Tangier as lived or fantasized. 
Since high school, theater is the territory she chooses to explore her queries. She trained as an actress but also in African dance with Elsa Wolliatson, in scenography at the school Jacques Lecoq and in directing by assisting, among others, Alexander Zeldin on several of his works. She worked under the direction of Pascal Rambert at the Venice Biennale on the theme of the Annunciation, with film director Estelle Larrivaz on the play "Blackbird", with Silvia Costa and John Romão on "The Temptation of Saint Anthony" by Flaubert and the construction of the figure of the devil. Theater is a form of self-archaeology, a way to create new ways of listening and new curiosity. To seek to touch, by means of true emotion, our own reality: social, political, intimate.

As a member of the Paris-based Collectif Nash, she participates in the rethinking of the relationship to the spectator, to language, and engages in social issues. While writing directly for the stage, they mix texts from other authors with their own writing, improvise, dance, and challenge the relationship between the camera and the stage.

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